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Touchpad on a laptop or notebook is a very important important tool. because the touchpad is a pointing replacement mouse device that we usually use to move the cursor on the screen. well but have you suddenly been unable to move your touchpad? hmm of course this makes us very panic.

on this occasion, the admin will provide several causes and solutions why the Laptop Touchpad does not function and how to overcome it. There are many cases like this that often occur. either can’t move at all, or sometimes the error moves on its own. well the cause is very diverse such as:
1. Hardware damage (touchpad)
2. Driver Damage
3. The driver is not installed
4. Error setting the touchpad
5. The file system is corrupt

However, on this occasion the admin will not discuss how to deal with the touchpad that has been severely damaged, such as electricity counseling or burning. admin will only provide solutions that can be easily done without the need to have technical knowledge about laptop hardware in general, please watch.

Cleaning Dust on the touchpad
Dust is indeed the main enemy for lovers of electronic goods like us, including laptops that we carry every day. make no mistake that the dust that accumulates on the touchpad can reduce the sensitivity of the touchpad itself, so it’s a good idea to always do maintenance by cleaning all parts of the laptop with a kanebo cloth (not too wet). but if you accidentally splashed your laptop with water, you can read the article about the Solution to Overcome the laptop splashed with water / rain.

Download Official Touchpad Drivers
when first using a laptop / notebook, indeed our touchpad can automatically be used, but don’t forget to also install the touchpad driver provided on our laptop vendor’s official website. like Asus, Toshiba, HP, Acer, Lenovo, etc. because with the touchpad driver installation, it will reduce the risk of errors.

For you the touchpad comes from synapse, if your touchpad can’t be moved, try doing this. :

1. use the mouse first, then right click on the red logo as above, and click “tap to click”.
2. now try your touchpad again. hopefully it can solve the problem 🙂

if the above method still can’t solve the problem, try doing the following steps:

1. Open the Control Panel
2. Look for the Hardware and Sound menu then click Mouse.
3. Select the Device Settings tab and click Enable

Restore BIOS Settings
Another way we can deal with the touchpad that is error or cannot be used is to do the Restore Default done in the BIOS menu. for those of you who don’t understand the BIOS menu, please be careful, make sure to follow the steps carefully because the BIOS menu can be different. if there is a Boot Failure after doing this, Read: Resolving Windows failed Boot.

1. Turn off or restart your laptop.
2. After that, press the F2 key on the keyboard quickly when the laptop boots. the BIOS menu will appear. (if it’s not fast, then you have to do it from reset)

3. then press the F9 key, to change the setting to default.
4. Finally press the F10 key to exit.

well, now try to use your Touchpad, it should function again. 🙂 that’s the way to deal with a laptop Touchpad that is an error Hopefully useful for you

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