7 Causes of a Blank Laptop Screen

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Laptop is one of the electronic devices which is probably currently very widely used because of its practicality and excellent ability. However, like most other electronics, laptops also have a high potential for problems. One problem that often arises is the blank laptop screen. What are the causes of blank laptop screens? The following are some of the causes of blank laptop screens.

1. Display your laptop driver experiencing technical problems

The first cause of the problem of your laptop screen being blank is because of the possibility of displaying the driver on your laptop experiencing technical problems. Display driver is an application or software that is responsible and has an important role in displaying the results of information processing into the output, one of which is the screen of your laptop. If your display driver is experiencing technical problems and certain errors, then this will cause your laptop screen to blank, and you will not see anything on your laptop screen.

This can usually happen because there are several files from the display driver of your laptop that are experiencing corript. The best way to overcome this is to do a repair, or you can also reinstall the display driver on your laptop.

2. The display driver of your laptop has an incompatible version

Causes of other blank laptop screens, apart from technical damage to your laptop’s driber display. This can also be caused by the possibility that the display driver on your laptop has an incompatible version and is also not compatible with the computer specifications and operating system you have. It could be because this is because your display driver has a version that is too long, or indeed this is because you incorrectly installed the display driver that is not in accordance with the operating system and also the specifications of your laptop.

How to deal with damage to this driver?

The best way to overcome this is to update the display driver of your laptop that matches your laptop’s hardware specifications. Or you can also re-install your laptop display driver so that it can function normally and you can use it as usual.

3. Damage to VGA and also Graphic Cards

Damage to VGA and also Graphic vards also play a very important role in being the cause of your laptop screen blank and can not be used anymore. Damage to the VGA and also the graphics card may be caused by errors in the use of laptops, or due to poor hardware quality. For example, because your laptop has crashed, it has been damaged, so the VGA Card and Graphic card are burnt and other possibilities are caused by poor laptop usage.

Damage to VGA and also the Graphic Card on a laptop can be called damage that is very heavy and expensive. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider replacing your laptop, or trade in a new part.

4. LCD or laptop LED has hardware damage

The next cause of your laptop’s screen that is blank is because it is caused by a breakdown of the LCD or LED of your laptop. This is one of the things that rarely happens. However, if your LCD screen or laptop LED is experiencing hardware damage, then this of course will cause your laptop screen to blank.

Usually, the LCD screen or LED of this laptop can become blank and experience hardware damage caused by carelessness of the user, where the user accidentally scratches and damages the Lcd part and also the laptop LED. Or this can also happen when your laptop is too pressurized by your laptop which is very heavy, causing your laptop’s LED or LCD to become problematic, damaged and eventually cause symptoms of the laptop screen being blank.

5. The elastic or flexible cable on the laptop is damaged and has a problem

The cause of damage in the form of a laptop screen to the next blank can also be caused by damage to the flexible part, aka the elastic cable on your laptop. Please note, to make a laptop whose screen can be opened and closed like now, it takes a cable that is able to withstand a large enough load. Therefore, an elastic cable is made, aka flexible which can be driven and is able to support the use of a laptop whose screen can be opened and closed. Unfortunately, the use that might be inadvertent often causes this part to be a fragile part.

6. Symptoms of a problematic elastic cord or flexible cable:

When this part is damaged, this of course will cause a disturbance in the form of a blank laptop screen. The initial symptoms are usually as follows:

1. The screen looks striped
2. Black spots appear on the screen / dead pixel
3. Lots of dead pixels and widespread
4. The laptop screen will be totally blank

Run a program or application that does not match the spec, such as too high or too low and is not compatible with the graphics card

The problem of blank on this laptop screen can also occur because of a problem with compatibility. This can happen when you run a program or application on your laptop that may not be compatible and also does not match the specifications of the laptop you have. Usually, when you run an incompatible program, the program can experience errors, and can cause your operating system to crash. The operating system that crashes has the potential to cause your entire laptop to hang and also an error, whose symptoms can be seen from the laptop screen that suddenly blanks.

How to deal with it?

To test it, if your laptop screen remains blank and does not want to turn on, then you have to do a hard reset, where you can force your laptop to turn off, that is by pressing the power button. After the computer is back on, immediately uninstall the program that is the culprit from the blank screen of your laptop.

7. Corrupt or there is a problem with the explorer.exe file.

Other problems that can cause your computer to experience blanks and cannot display anything may be due to your explorer.exe file having a problem. This file explorer is a file used by the Windows operating system to bring up the Windows Explorer and also the desktop. Usually, when your laptop is corrupted and also a problem with this file explorer, your laptop screen will be blank and there will not appear any menus. This problem is usually caused by a virus.

How to deal with it?

The best way to deal with this is to make settings or configurations manually using the DOS operating system. With this, you can delete the virus first, then it can fix the corrupted esplorer.exe file.

Keeping the laptop screen not easily damaged and blank

Well, to keep your laptop screen more durable and also more optimal at work, so it is not easy to be damaged and also blank, there are some things you might be able to do to keep the laptop screen from being damaged quickly. The following are some of the ways you can do to keep the laptop screen from being damaged quickly

1. Use a soft cloth barrier when you will close the screen of your laptop
2. As much as possible use anti-scratch and other protection on your laptop screen to avoid scratches on the LC or LED
3. Don’t press the laptop screen with your finger
4. Avoid using sharp objects on the laptop screen
5. Avoid using a laptop to heat up or overheat

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