5 Characteristics of an Easily Broken Laptop Power IC

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For some people, especially those who often go to electronic services, the term IC power may still be unfamiliar to the ear. IC power itself is an abbreviation of Integrated Circuit. In short, the IC poser is a component that serves as a voltage bridge on electronic devices.

In general, we can find this power IC on devices that use battery power and can be recharged like feature phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops and the like. In this article we will discuss what the characteristics of the power IC are damaged on the laptop. to find out more clearly, following the review.

1. The battery is not charged when it is charged

The first feature is that the laptop battery is not filled after being charged. Even though the battery is charged before, the battery indicator can fill properly. For this section, we do not need to rush to conclude whether the damage originates from IC Power. Because, it could be damage from the battery itself or even from the charger.

The easiest way to detect it is to borrow a chager from a similar friend’s laptop. Plug in another charger and see the reaction on the laptop. if the battery still does not charge, the problem is not from the charger. The biggest possibility of damage is in the battery or IC power.

2. It says “Plugged in, Not Charging”

Try to check on the battery, does the phrase “Plugged this, Not Charging” appear? if the text appears when you do the charging, it is certain that the IC power on the laptop is experiencing corruption. The purpose of the message indicates that the power used to turn on the laptop does not come from the battery, but directly from the power source. If you unplug the charger, then you can be sure the laptop will also turn off immediately.

In addition, the battery indicator sometimes changes. For example, sometimes a value of 0% appears, or even shows a number of 99%. You should not be fooled by the appointment of the value indicator. Because, the value shown is just a false number.

3. Check the charger indicator light

Each laptop has an indicator light that is located right next to the adapter plug. The function of this indicator light shows that the charging process is in progress. In addition to functioning as a charging indicator, this indicator can also indicate whether the charging process has been completed or is still ongoing. In certain types, when a laptop is charging its color has a characteristic. For example, when charging, the indicator light is red. Whereas when the battery is full, the color turns white.

If the IC power is damaged, the indicator light may not turn on or the lights will not change either while still charging or the battery is full. It is quite easy to see the difference.

4. No multi tester or Avometer detected

To get more accurate results, we use a multi tester or an avometer. This tool is able to detect whether the IC power in electronic goods can still work or it cannot be turned on again. If you don’t have it, you should buy or borrow it from a friend who already has it.

The way this tool works is quite easy. First prepare the multi tester or Avometer first. After that, dismantle your laptop, it should be noted that when using this method, you are already proficient in disassembling your own laptop. If you are still not proficient, you should ask for help from someone who is an expert. Touch the IC power section with the tester and look at the clock. If the clock hand on the tester shows the number 0 ohms, then the IC power is no longer working. Conversely, if the clockwork shows a certain number, then the power IC can still be used.

5. Laptop is totally dead

For this part, it can be said to have reached the most severe level. The power IC that is really damaged is one of the reasons why the laptop is totally dead even though it uses an adapter. This is as mentioned earlier that the function of the IC power itself is as a bridge to drain electrical power on various components in the laptop.

If the IC power is damaged, the electrical power cannot be distributed evenly so that the laptop cannot be turned on. As a result of this total laptop death, the other computer components can follow up to be damaged.

It can be said that IC power has an important role in making the laptop can be turned on easily. Although in terms of the price is quite cheap compared to other components, still IC power is very vital if a problem occurs.

To overcome the problem of laptop power IC, you can replace it with a new IC power. If you are still unable to disassemble it yourself, you can try asking for help from a trusted laptop service.

Hopefully this article can be useful.

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